Android Data Extractor

Are you tired of selling the same old products with huge competition from competitors??

JicTech are always looking for new products to interest our customers worldwide. We realise how difficult it is for any shop owner to bring in customers and that is why we have developed our forensic tools.

Bring in new customers by offering a wide range of new services not available to anyone else in your area. Most Forensics tools are normally only available to proffesionals but we offer these same tools to all our customers.

Many people accidentally delete sms or other data from there handset and have no idea how to get it back. You can now offer this service and attract new customers. Also ideal for people wishing to retrieve deleted messages from there partners phone.


Many “off-the-shelf” tools can be used to view the live records in the database, but JicTech Data Extractor extracts deleted and de-referenced data from the database files or hex dump.


  • Read sql database from any android phone
  • Sms, Mms, Calendar, Address Book and others
  • Seperates Deleted and Non referenced Data


Just connect your android handset using the original usb cable and run the Data Extractor Tool. Your phones contents will be displayed on the software and this includes all deleted records.

All deleted and non referenced data are marked for easy reference.